PMI Atlanta Chapter

PMI Atlanta Chapter - Chair's Message - January 2019

Over 5,000 members, varied social, cultural and generational diversity, and a dedicated leadership, the PMI Atlanta Chapter stands among the top 5 largest hapters in the world today. Thank you, folks! It is indeed my honor to have the opportunity to serve you all, as the Chairman - Board of Directors for the Chapter.

Roy-NagendraOne of the first things that I did when I joined PMI Atlanta was understanding the culture and the strategies of the organization. Now, with PMI Global’s digital transformation initiative, we plan to align our strategies with the three Pillars - Strategic Focus, Customer Centric, and Agility.

I am excited that we have among us such dynamic, committed, thoughtful leadership who are also humble beings that continually strive towards the betterment of the community. Our Leadership team, including the Board, is comprised of volunteers that hail from diverse backgrounds, and represent multiple generations. This is reflective of the community that we serve.

As our pillars imply, we would like to continue to be customer centric, ensure agility and remain strategy focused, inclining towards the best interest and benefit of you all – our membership. Our multi-dimensional engagements like the Dinner Meetings with keynote presentations, Networking Events, Industry Forums, and Special Events are designed and executed with the intent to make sure that when you attend them, you will drive back home with valuable learnings, skills, thoughts, and triggers as takeaways, that will eventually serve as pointers and value-adds to your professional and social growth.

Furthermore, like myself, I’m sure that volunteering for events at several capacities, will give immense satisfaction, experience and exposure to you all as well. Realizing the importance of volunteering opportunities and member satisfaction, we will be working on enhancing key factors such as volunteering opportunities, professional development and maintaining of an emotional and ownership-like connection with our membership. These will enable you to be a part of the vast family of professionals, and also good friends, while earning professional scores and credentials.

Moreover, I consider myself fortunate to onboard as the Chapter lead for the year 2019, which also marks PMI’s 50th Anniversary. I feel it is a golden opportunity for every one of us to celebrate this wonderful occasion throughout the year. My team and I plan to incorporate the highlights of the anniversary in our engagement events throughout the year.

Finally, I strongly believe in one thing – “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. – President John Quincy Adams”. Leadership is a drive coming from within our inner conscience that my team and I, through the PMI Atlanta platform, should take up the responsibility, groom and shape more and more leaders who can move forward not only the Chapter, but also their own career, and also an entire generation.

I thank you all once again for being a part of the PMI Atlanta Chapter, and I look forward to serving you to the best of my abilities and from the bottom of my heart!

Nagendra Roy
Chair – Executive Board
PMI Atlanta Chapter