Written by Tarun Sethi

Joshua Jack was the speaker at the Agile Forum on Nov. 15. Joshua is the Agile Leader for the Eastern Region with Matrix Resources. He discussed how he has used games as an Agile Leader. Games can be used to teach adults 21st century skills such as: overcoming challenges, problem solving, leadership and responsibility, teamwork and flexibility and adaptability. Benefits of games on the brain include: Increased motivation, increased testosterone, Improved memory, increased brain size (increase in volume of white matter which helps form connections), increased empathy and increased efficiency.

Joshua used Speed Uno and Penny Points to teach concepts like "one thing at a time", pull system, bugs/waste and teamwork. He also used Build It games to teach lessons re: trade-offs and negotiations. Simple game like Picture Taboo can be used to illustrate communications challenges among teams. Additional games ideas can be found on sites like TastyCupcakes.org and funretrospectives.com and Innovationgames.com.