"Joint Venture Case Studies - Integrating Disparate Governance and Approaches": September Governance Forum Summary

By Alex Blench, PMP

The PMI Atlanta Governance Forum hosted a discussion about case studies in joint-venture situations with Paul Dangel, Senior Director of EPMO at Cox Communications. Paul was a key player in Cox’s partnership with Sprint to develop a wireless line of business. In addition, Paul directed Cox’s Contour 2 program which involved a partnership with Comcast for video services.

Overview: Managing change is a pillar of effective project management and is particularly challenging when two organizations with drastically different cultures jointly pursue a business goal. When managing independent teams, a few guiding principles come into play:

    • Define roles
       o Set clear and defined expectations
       o Clearly outline each company’s responsibility
       o Clearly outline each team’s responsibility
       o Stay in your lane

    • Define Metrics
       o Identify critical KPIs
       o Identify critical SLAs
       o Identify Metric Owners
       o Agree on Metric Targets
       o Adopt a common language
       o Ensure one source of truth for all reporting

    • Integrate
       o Integrate systems
       o Co-locate support

    • Test
       o Conduct dry runs
       o Conduct alarming scenarios (risk management)
       o Proof of concept with employees
       o Pilot with targeted goals and metics

Forum Highlights: Paul shared personal stories of leveraging tools and techniques to unite teams behind common processes. Speaking at length about the importance of communication, he provided tips and tricks for keeping everyone on the same page and managing workflow.

Special thanks to our presenter Paul Dangel for an engaging discussion and sharing lessons learned from over 17 years of experience in project management/governance and the telecommunications industry.

We appreciate our participants as well, and were able to offer free PMI-branded goodies to those who were in attendance.

We would also like to thank our sponsors at Global Payments for making this event possible.

If you would like to learn more about Governance and the value it brings to projects, please join us at a future forum. The calendar can be found on the PMI Atlanta web site at http://www.pmiatlanta.org

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