"Revolt of the Mindsets": November Dinner Meeting Summary

Written by Mike Ososki, PMP

None of us really want to be negative, critical, blaming or bitter. In our heart of hearts, we all really want to be positive, encouraging, responsible and happy. Scott Shickler is making a lifetime study of those who seem to be achieving the latter. His work as speaker, author, interviewer, serial entrepreneur and evangelist for personal empowerment is known worldwide. PMI Atlanta was happy to welcome Mr. Shickler’s enthusiastic and polished presentation at our November Dunwoody Dinner.

As an overview frame, here’s how Scott breaks it down in the “7 Mindsets”:

1. Everything is Possible
    a. Dream Big
    b. Embrace Creativity
    c. Think Positive
    d. Act and Adjust

5. Attitude of Gratitude
    a. Treasure Yourself
    b. Be More Grateful
    c. Thank it Forward
    d. Elevate Your Perspective

2. Passion First
    a. Focus on Strengths
    b. Explore Your Interests
    c. Make a Stand
    d. Be Authentic

6. Live to Give
    a. Stretch Yourself
    b. Make a Difference
    c. Receive Gracefully
    d. Leave a Legacy

3. We Are Connected
    a. Embrace Everyone
    b. Maximize Positive Relationships   
    c. Build Your Dream Team
    d. Lead with Value

7. The Time is Now
    a. Embrace Every Moment
    b. Get in the Zone
    c. Let Yourself Be Vulnerable
    d. Act on Purpose

4. 100% Accountable
    a. Own Your Life
    b. Overcome Limiting Beliefs
    c. Focus Your Energy
    d. Grow Through Life


Wow. Quite a nice distillation. Think of how many millions of books and presentations have been created and given, sourcing from these timeless principles. They are truly tips of icebergs with massively deep wealth of wisdoms to be personally discovered under each one. To help guide us into our next steps, Scott shared this link ... www.7mindsets.com/PMI .

One important aspect shared is that much of we do and don’t do is based solely on relatively mindless habit. And because operating in this way takes little or no effort, it feels very comfortable. So, when we strive to consciously engage and change a habit, it should feel awkward and uncomfortable. Changing long-time ingrained auto-habits is no easy task. It can take a long time, but it can be done. Be patient and kind with yourself, gently seeking to achieve incremental, conscious awareness as each instance of opportunity arises. Be here now.

Scott encourages us not to settle, but to always set our bars higher. Reach, stretch, and .. and ... and miss. But it’s okay. Your goal is to boost and raise your target just a little. It’s more art than science, and you often will rise or fall based on the level of expectation that you set. Hold your expectations loosely.

There is a lot that you seem to not be able to control. But with practice, you can control your thinking, and you are 100% responsible for it. Celebrate each and every one of your mini-victories. Simply pause a moment to reflect and be glad. When you do this, your brain releases legal feel-good drugs. Yay!

Be like the pilot and the plane. Did you know that they are off-course 98% of the time? But they powerfully use the remaining 2% to make the teeny adjustments needed to correct course and stay on track in the long stretch big picture of the entire flight. Think to shrink fear, anxiety and anger.

There is no perfect plan. Be comfortable with ambiguity. Instead of a setback, view it as a call to pivot. Make it your disciplined practice to work it along the lines of Willie Jolley’s book “A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback.” As curveballs arrive, ask, “I wonder what good will come from this?”

Be kind. Give hugs. Integrate your giving. If you dream alone, you’re not dreaming big enough. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

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