2016 Annual Report

PMI Atlanta’s Executive Board authorized (in early 2016) the creation of an annual report to the membership. This report represents a summary of events and accomplishments of the prior year, and a preview into the coming year’s strategic initiatives.

The initiative complements the State of the Chapter presentation delivered by the Chair at the December Holiday Party or the chapter’s first monthly dinner event in the new year. While these events are widely attended, attendance is limited considering the chapter’s size, and thus represents only a small fraction of the entire chapter’s 4,600+ membership. The net result, the majority of the membership has limited insight and remains largely uninformed as to goals accomplishment.

Our intent is to:

  • hold ourselves (the Leadership Team) accountable to you (the membership) by producing a formal year-end summary.
  • broaden our reach with respect to communicating accomplishments to a wider membership audience.
  • increase membership satisfaction by demonstration of financial accountability and goals completion.
  • increase member participation in chapter activities by increasing visibility into chapter affairs.

Our volunteer-leaders are among some of the most dedicated. They are fueled by a fire of optimism and highly motivated by situations in which they are held accountable for results -- and we are proud to communicate their accomplishments. We hope you find the information helpful and informative.

As you read the report, think of areas where you might want to become involved. We have many areas that need more attention and time.

On behalf of the entire leadership team, board members and volunteers that make it happen, we would like to thank you for your support. Your support and positive comments are the fuel that keeps us moving forward to make PMI Atlanta one of the largest and most active chapters in the world.


Bill Kay, MSOL, PMP
Director 3, At-Large
PMI Atlanta Board

Lead Project Manager - Jim Rowland, PMP

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PMI Atlanta, made up of over 4,000 members, is located in a large geographic area serving project managers all over North Georgia and metro Atlanta.

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