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PMI Atlanta Vision Statement: Establish PMI Atlanta as the leading, respected source for the practice of project management in metro Atlanta Communities.

PMI Atlanta Mission Statement: Through advocacy, strategic partnerships, awareness, corporate social responsibility and engagement, establish PMI Atlanta as the leading organization for the enhancement of respect and recognition of project management. Advance the acceptance and growth of PMI Atlanta through programs, training, education, and certification that delivers added value to businesses, organizations, and stakeholders utilizing or seeking to utilize project management.

Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - February 2015

Henry CherylCongratulations, Cheryl Henry!  Cheryl has been selected as the February Volunteer of the Month.  Her efforts as editor of our chapter publications not only keep members informed about the PM profession, but also serve as a source of revenue through sponsorships.  Read on to learn how PMI Atlanta has impacted Cheryl's professional development and see what little known fact she was willing to share with us.

What has been your favorite or most rewarding volunteer experience with PMI Atlanta?

As I reflect on my tenure as a volunteer editor for the PMI Atlanta Chapter, my most rewarding experience was developing genuine friendships with a diverse group of professionals. I looked forward to the personal interaction at the networking events, which I will always treasure. The gem was in finding a diverse group of project management professionals, but also like minded individuals who shared outside interests. Being a member of the largest chapter in the southeast, with a little over 4,500 members, you’re bound to connect with positive individuals, who can enrich your personal and professional journey.


Are there any project management resources you find particularly helpful?

I found the documentation in the PMI Atlanta website valuable. I often use materials from the website to enhance my knowledge on the job when appropriate.

I highly encourage others to use the tools available on the website and become a member of the Atlanta PMI Chapter. If you don’t have time to be out of the office, another option will be to take a seminar to gain additional knowledge. If your company will not cover the cost for your training to get ready for the PMP exam, the has materials to help you prepare. There are many options available at no cost.

What leisurely activities do you enjoy? Any little known fact that you’d like to share?

I enjoy flying. When I was a junior in high school, I soloed a single-engine Cessna . Although I did not pursue flying as a licensed pilot, I continued to fly with my dad. He is a retired Air Force pilot and travel on numerous occasions with him. The feeling of control with the wide open, endless skies in front of you does leave you speechless. Such freedom!

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