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PMI Atlanta Vision Statement: Establish PMI Atlanta as the leading, respected source for the practice of project management in metro Atlanta Communities.

PMI Atlanta Mission Statement: Through advocacy, strategic partnerships, awareness, corporate social responsibility and engagement, establish PMI Atlanta as the leading organization for the enhancement of respect and recognition of project management. Advance the acceptance and growth of PMI Atlanta through programs, training, education, and certification that delivers added value to businesses, organizations, and stakeholders utilizing or seeking to utilize project management.

Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - February 2016

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PMI Atlanta is pleased to announce February’s Volunteer of the Month – congratulations, Doris Dade!

For over 13 years Doris has served magnanimously as a volunteer for the PMI Atlanta Chapter. She has served in several key roles for several years, the Programs Team previously, and currently the Certification & Education Team. With Doris' infectious positive personality and energetic leadership, she was able to successfully plan and execute the first "Professional Development Day", that the PMI Atlanta Chapter hosted. Moving forward, she's excited about the progress the chapter is making in growing it's digital footprint in multiple areas and further continuing to find new and innovative courses to offer the PMI community online.

Doris' personal catchphrase……."Teamwork Makes the Dream Work"…... fully embodies her superlative commitment to the project management profession and has undeniably contributed to her continued level of success within the PM field and throughout her tenure of volunteering at PMI Atlanta.

In addition to being an exemplar PMI Atlanta volunteer, in her leisure time she enjoys gourmet dining experiences, reading and watching television shows and movies that pique her interests. Doris encourages members to volunteer to share their time, skill and knowledge with others because, as she states "because it feels good". With that attitude, Doris is certainly a paragon of volunteering we should all strive for.

Read and learn more about her below and what she enjoys about volunteering for PMI Atlanta.

1. What has been your favorite or most rewarding volunteer experience with PMI Atlanta?
My favorite and most rewarding experience was planning and successfully executing the first Professional Development Day the chapter hosted. This event required many volunteers - the ATL PMI community, including friends and family contributed. At that time, it was the largest PMI event I’d been involved in. “Teamwork makes the dream work”

2. What would you like to accomplish during your volunteer tenure?
I’ve served on several committees during my 13+ years as a volunteer. My longest tenure has been on the Certification and Education committee and I’ve seen the chapter change and grow. I would like to continue to contribute to increase our online education offerings.

3. How did you become interested in the project management profession?
I became interested in the PM profession during preparations for Y2K. Defined processes were needed to accomplish the large amount of work. Once I learned about the Project Management processes, I realized it was a skill set that was helpful in all departments and industries. I attended company training and eventually joined PMI.

4. Are there any project management resources you find particularly helpful?
Yes, I find networking with other PM professionals most rewarding, specifically the study groups and the regional, national and international leadership conferences.

5. What PMI Atlanta initiatives are you most excited about?
I’m most excited about the progress we’re making with our digital growth such as social media and webinars. And also looking forward to finding new and innovative courses to offer online.

6. What leisurely activities do you enjoy? Any little known fact that you’d like to share?
I enjoy gourmet dining experiences, reading, watching movies and television.

7. Is there anything else you would like to share about volunteering, PMI Atlanta or your professional experience?
I’d like to encourage our members to volunteer, to share their time, skill and knowledge with others because it feels good.


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