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Architectural, Engineering, & Construction (Virtual) Forum - 201208

12-08-2020 6:00 pm -7:15 pm

"Predicting Likelihood of a Construction Project Success"
presented by Mahesh Kumar, Tiger Analytics/CEO

The PMI Atlanta AEC Forum is a focus group that hosts regular events with ranging topics in the architectural, engineering, and construction fields. We will show the importance of solid project management in these related fields of study.


Predictive Analytics, as the name rightly suggests, is the science of analyzing current data to make predictions about future. It encompasses various techniques such as data mining, statistics, predictive modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence, among other analytical techniques. With data to back their actions, organizations can become proactive and forward looking.

In this presentation Mahesh will provide details of how analytics can be used in the AEC field and will cover real life case studies on predicting likelihood construction project success. He will talk about the approach on building and deploying such early warning system and key insights.

Due to coronavirus concerns, we will be hosting this event through webinar. Because of this change, member rate is now $8 and non-member rate is $10.  


PMI Atlanta Toastmasters (Virtual) Meeting - 201210

12-10-2020 6:15 pm -8:00 pm

If you would like to earn PDUs while improving your communications and leadership skills, this opportunity is for you! PMI Atlanta has teamed up with Toastmasters International to offer you a chance to hone your public speaking, critical listening, and leadership skills in a supportive environment. You will also have an opportunity to practice speaking off-the-cuff, giving and receiving feedback, emceeing a meeting, and many other valuable business skills. Since this club is exclusively for PMI Atlanta members, you will also have an opportunity to develop bonds within the PMI community.


Marching On: A Discussion on Allyship within the Workplace

12-16-2020 6:00 pm -8:00 pm

PMI Atlanta Chapter leaders recognize the unique position we contribute in having meaningful conversations within our diverse communities through awareness and education. With Atlanta being home to numerous iconic social justice activists, we ask that you join us in understanding how to be an ally in our work environment and community.

arielheadshot“Marching On: A Discussion on Allyship within the Workplace” is virtual panel discussion with subject matter experts in diversity, inclusion, leadership and counseling to have open discussion and provide tips on being an ally within the workplace (virtually and in-person) and managing your mental health. We are accepting your questions during your registration to ask our panelists. The conversation will be led by event moderator Dr. Ariel Lewis with insightful feedback shared from professionals.

During registration, please submit any questions you would lilke discussed.


Entertainment (Virtual) Forum - 201217

12-17-2020 6:00 pm -7:15 pm

Panel Discussion: "COVID-19 impact on the Entertainment Industry"

The PMI Atlanta Entertainment Forum is focused on expanding knowledge and appreciation of Project Management and its benefits in unconventional fields by providing informational, educational, and networking events for individuals in various roles in the entertainment industry. 

Entertainment Industry = those businesses involved in providing entertainment
• Media – film, television, radio, theater
• Music
• Sports
• Fine arts
• Digital - Gaming

Presentation Entertainment-panel---Dec

We are all aware COVID-19 had had a great impact on the entertainment industry. What was the greatest impact to the industry? What new things are being brought to the table? What previous processes are less likely to return? And what do need to plan for the future?

Join these panelists to learn more about the ever-changing entertainment industry as it navigates COVID-19.

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