Entertainment Forum

Entertainment Forum Introduction

Forum Name: Entertainment Forum
Email: entforum@pmiatlanta.org
Focus: Expanding knowledge and appreciation of Project Management and its benefits in unconventional fields by providing informational, educational and networking events for individuals in various roles in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Industry = those businesses involved in providing entertainment
• Media – film, television, radio, theater
• Music
• Sports
• Fine arts
• Digital - Gaming

Cadence: 2nd Wednesday of the month

Target Start Date: April 12 as first forum, 3-month pilot and then assessment.

Confirmed Meeting Dates: April 12th, May 10th, June 14th – From 6:30 – 8:00PM

Where: City of Atlanta (City Hall) – the events will be held at 55 Trinity Avenue Atlanta, Ga. 30303.

Current Members:
Britt Williams
Teresa Edwards
Magaline Harvey
Melody Cooksome
Judith Haughton

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