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PMI Atlanta Chapter - "From Cradle to Grave. The Life of a Government Capital Building Construction Project": November AEC Forum Summary

Written by: Adam Gazaleh


Jennifer Bracewell from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided an engaging and unique overview of the life of a government capital construction project from inception to completion. Jennifer outlined the careful considerations that are taken into account at the beginning of the project and the controls in place to ensure that the bid process is fair and balanced. There are numerous controls in government projects that one might not see in private sector projects. Project management for government capital construction projects combines traditional project management with additional safeguards to preserve schedule and budget. The most interesting aspect of Jennifer’s presentation was hearing about the unique challenges involved with designing and relocating people in a laboratory environment. Additional challenges included the extra level of planning and detail required in government building design, particularly for an organization like the CDC.


• Government capital building projects are for the long term. These buildings will outlive the project participants and several groups of inhabitants might cycle through these facilities over the decades.
• Cost of changes increases significantly as you get closer to the end of the project.
• Working tours are performed so that inhabitants can become familiar with the new building and prepare to transition to a new location.
• Significant testing is done after the building is completed prior to occupancy to ensure preparedness for emergency situations.

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