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Volunteer of the Month - November 2016

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PMI Atlanta is pleased to announce Novembers's Volunteer of the Month – congratulations, Valarie Merced!!!

Valarie has been a long serving and inestimable member and leader within PMI Atlanta and currently serves as the chapter's VP of Public Relations.

Merced ValarieThe role of Public Relations encompasses multiple areas within PMI Atlanta, and as a result allows Valarie to work across a wide spectrum of chapter initiatives, while creating and implementing solutions that have a positive impact for the entire organization. One of those initiatives that she's super excited about leading in 2017 is our chapter website redesign and optimization. She intends for the website to be a 1st class, well organized and inviting destination for members, visitors and sponsors alike, with a plethora of intriguing and informative information for all things project management.

She naturally transitioned to the Project Management profession after having served dutifully in the military. The leadership skills she developed in the military were great building blocks for her in the world of project management. Just as teamwork and working together to accomplish a mission is essential in military life, Valarie states in her experience, the best resources for her have been experienced colleagues in the PMI organization. What a meritorious view that's certainly worth emulating.

In addition, Valarie is what we would all consider a "Modern Day Renaissance Woman". She lives a very active lifestyle and has a zest for photography, writing, traveling, sports, fitness and reading. In fact, she has provided an extemporaneous winter reading book list for us below. However, she states her most favorite thing to do is to meet new people. This capacious quality of hers serves her and our entire chapter well, as she leads our PMI Atlanta Chapter's Public Relations efforts. With all these great gifts of talent that she possesses, we should all be very thankful that our November VOM is graciously serving as our current VP of Public Relations and has opted to postpone her future position in television as an International Travel Channel Correspondent, which she undoubtedly is already qualified to do.

Read and learn more about Valarie below and what she enjoys about volunteering for PMI Atlanta.

1. What has been your favorite or most rewarding volunteer experience with PMI Atlanta?
The most rewarding experience is serving as VP of Public Relations. This role allows me to work across the Chapter spectrum and affords the opportunity to create and implement solutions that positively affect members, sponsors and volunteers. It is especially enjoyable to perform this work through strategy and use of digital media.

2. How did you become interested in the project management profession?
Project Management was a natural transition after serving in the military. I landed a role in the project management area at Accenture to start, and here I am today!

3. Are there any project management resources you find particularly helpful?
The best resources are my experienced colleagues in the PMI Organization. There is a wealth of knowledge in that body and I benefit from exposure to it. The ProjectMinds website has a nice collection of project management related websites and references; and while not specific to project management; everyone should read Good to Great and Never Eat Alone as these books offer timeless wisdom. Another good read is Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time.

4. What PMI Atlanta initiatives are you most excited about?
My team will be working on the Website Redesign and Optimization Initiative in 2017. The Chapter does not have a physical location and the Website is "home". The goal is to create a warm and inviting "home" full of valuable, intriguing, and well organized information for members, sponsors and visitors. This is very cool and super exciting.

5. What leisurely activities do you enjoy?
I love sports! Especially football, basketball and hockey. I also enjoy running, traveling, photography and writing. Most of all I like meeting new people. Please reach out the me by email or check out my linkedin profile

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