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PMI Atlanta Chapter - “Natural Ways to Boost Immunity and Heal Depression”: November Clinical Research Summary

Written by NoriYah Yisrael, MS-PM, PMP, CPPM, FAAPM

Presentation Overview  Moring-Makeba

On November 18, 2021, the Clinical Research Forum of the PMI Atlanta Chapter hosted the “Natural Way to Boost Immunity and Heal Depression” Special Interest Forum Event presented by Dr. Makeba Moring, PhD. The purpose of the event was to present scientifically proven, natural ways to lead a healthy lifestyle while boosting immunity and lowering one’s risk to developing many of the common physical ailments known today, such as obesity and heart disease, and mental conditions such as depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

During today’s forum, Dr. Moring spoke about the inherent power we have over our health, body, and mind. The “placebo effect” provides scientific proof of just how powerful the mind is over the body. People have become increasingly concerned and aware of those things that most influence their health during this dispensation of time called the “Information Age”. People are holding manufacturers accountable for the products they sell and how they directly impact the lives of the consumer. The demand for food and other manufacturers to produce products that are more eco-friendly, continues to increase.

The environment inevitably changes and anything that is not in sync with the environment will breakdown and not survive. There is a direct correlation between our food habits, entertainment habits and our health. It is no coincidence that all industrialized nations have the highest incidences of obesity, heart disease, and depression. The key to improving our health lies in our food consumption and absorption.


  • Our body mimics the earth; over 75% of our body is made of water. Therefore, humans should drink more water; even more than the recommended amount and increase our oxygen intake to help heal the body and increase performance.
  • Avoid digesting food that is prepared, sold, stored, or heated in or on plastic containers. Use glass containers and materials as a safer alternative.
  • Go Vegan, as it is proven to be a healthier diet for humans and will aid in boosting one’s immunity.

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