Written by Rishea Middlebrooks, CAPM, ACHE Student Associate

Roughly 43% of captured data is largely unused: Discover the solution to multicloud complexity!

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Seagate Technology's CIO and Executive Vice President of Storage Services Ravi Naik tells the story of how confronting the multicloud complexity head-on led his team to a creative data solution that has since become an external vendor-agnostic storage offering, while also offering practical advice on how business leaders can attain and plan for a clear view into the TCO associated with data storage and usage.


  • More data is thrown away or siloed than put to work!
    • Roughly 43% of captured data is largely unused
  • Barriers to putting data to work
    • Ensuring valuable data is collected in the first place
    • Managing the storage of collected data
    • Making the different silos of collected data available
  • Lyve Cloud
    • Cloud crafted by Seagate – a cloud created by CIOs for CIOs
    • Fully S3 compatible interface
    • Flat, predictable pricing
      • Pay for what you store – that’s it
      • Data retrieval, ingestion, write/read operations, archive retrieval, expert support included
    • Open, standard APIs enable rich ecosystem of solutions
    • Availability in multiple regions
    • 11 9s data durability
    • Efficiency with Equinix
      • Equinix platform enables reduced latency and lower bandwidth costs at the Metro Edge (200+ data centers globally)
      • Equinix is the network backbone for the network internet
      • Sub-2 millisecond latency
      • Computing or storage capabilities
    • Interoperable
      • Able to store data on Lyve Cloud and load applications through software stacks
  • Looking Forward
    • Horizontal scaling across the globe
    • Exabyte of storage available by the end of 2022
    • Vertical scaling by offering enhanced capabilities and frictionless storage options
    • Future certifications: FedRAMP, HIPAA

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