Written by: Rishea Middlebrooks MSHI, CAPM

“The question is not whether we will have a culture. The responsible question is what type of culture do we want to have? That’s why our actions must be deliberate in shaping outcomes into the culture we want to have.” – Maj. Gen. Bradley D. Spacey

If we don’t empower the people, we can’t get the work done. Take a look at Dr. Tanika Kyle’s strategies to SLAAY (Strategically Live Authentically as Yourself) to become a better leader!

Presentation Overview Kyle-Tanika

The most challenging part of facilitating transition or striving for efficient business processes isn't the tools, techniques, or processes you choose to use. It all comes down to understanding that this mindset change requires strategic, future-thinking leaders to provide and welcome opportunities to engage their teams in conversations and activities that start to lay the foundation, which can make or break this new voyage.

In this session, Dr. Kyle teaches practical tools and strategies that are purposeful and proactive in leading and empowering your teams.


  • VUCA Proactive Actions for Leaders
    • Volatile
      • Vision
      • Creating a safe space for acceptance that makes it okay to transition and establish a new path forward
    • Uncertain
      • Understanding
      • Gather data and insight
    • Complexity
      • Clarity
      • Identify and focus on a specific process
    • Ambiguous
      • Agile
      • Encourage future thinking by using pilots to test new ideas and continually improve
  • Change takes time
    • It is important to be accepting and have a cognitive change management mindset to gently encourage the team to take on these changes.
  • Tips to SLAAY as a Leader
    • Tip #1: SLAAY Leader SLAAY
      • Keep current on your leadership and technical skills – your team is watching you and you SLAAY by leading
    • Tip #2: Determine Your Superpowers & Purpose
      • We have superpowers, but we are not super heroes – it is important to identify you and your team’s strengths and natural talents while also showing grace to the human abilities of your team
      • Questions to ask your team to identify their superpowers
        • What are your strengths? What are your joyous activities? Who inspires you?
        • Ask someone you love and trust to identify what your superpowers
      • Help your team empower their skills and super strengths to better improve the trajectory of your team
    • Tip #3: Walk in Your Purpose
      • Once you know your purpose, you are better able to identify your team’s individual and collective purpose
      • Questions to determine purpose
        • What do you constantly dream about? What motivates you? What makes you angry enough or passionate enough to do something about it?
    • Tip #4: Define Your Team
      • Remember that Together Everyone Achieves More 
      • Take the time to build up your team and help them identify achievable goals, removing barriers and match initiatives with the skillsets of your team members
    • Tip #5: Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
      • Transition is invisible and challenging at times – it is okay for you and your team to take a break and step away when the load is heavy!
      • Acknowledge that fear is real
      • Be open and honest about the facts and don’t over speculate – tell what you know and admit what you don’t!
      • Provide reassurances and identify a perceived loss – always show empathy
    • Tip #6: Flex Your Leadership Styles
      • Be flexible in your leadership styles to best adapt to the needs of the team
      • One team member may perform well to the transformational leadership style, while another may perform best to the resilient leadership style
    • Tip #7: Plan for the Future of Your Team
      • Plan today so that you can better be prepared for tomorrow

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