Written by: NoriYah Yisrael, MSM-PM, PMP, PMI-ACP, DASSM

Presentation Overview Barnes-Joshua

On June 8, 2023, the Clinical Research Forum of the PMI Atlanta Chapter hosted the “Progression from Project Management to Value Delivery Management” Special Industry Forum event as presented by Joshua Barnes. Mr. Barnes spoke to the audience and shared his vast knowledge of Value Stream Management, as it relates to all industries and specifically the clinical research industry.

In today’s time, many organizations are moving away from a project-centric to a product-centric business model. Consequently, these same organizations must transition from being scope-driven to business increment-driven if they want to increase their agility and improve their delivery of value to the customer. At this forum event, Mr. Barnes discussed how current project professionals are perfectly suited to fill a need aside the agile delivery team, and support agile transformations by focusing on the flow of value to the customer.

As new Value Delivery Managers (VDMs), project professionals, can oversee the value stream flow to (1) ensure quicker feedback cycles; (2) shorter time to market; (3) reduction of work-in-progress and context switching; (4) decreased risk of uncompleted, unnecessary, and invisible work; (5) reduced delays and cost of delays; (6) prevention of people burn-out; and more. Mr. Barnes helped the audience to understand the key principles, strategies, and practices in Disciplined Agile value stream management guidance to improve the overall flow of value to customers.


  • Although project professionals (e.g., traditional project managers) have no official role in Agile frameworks like Scrum, some of their skills are transferable, and they are uniquely seated between Portfolio Management and the Agile team as VDMs.
  • Once they appropriately scale up their knowledge, training and skillset, project professionals can function well as VDMs to meet the needs of a value delivery team and the customer on Agile transformations.
  • A VDM’s primary focus should be to improve the flow of value that is delivered to the customer, as identified in eight (8) key principles: Build in small sized increments, reduce/eliminate delays, decrease feedback cycle time, build in quality, use visual controls, keep Work-In-Progress low, focus people on one product, and arrange people to avoid delays in workflow.

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