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PMI Atlanta Chapter - “New Era of Film Safety Management": June Entertainment Forum Summary

Written By Mike Ososki, PMP

Speaker: Desiree Connell, Producer and Production Management (Digital Thunderdome, LLC)


COVID has impacted entertainment production more than most industries. Previously, the time-honored routine was dozens or often hundreds gathering in very close proximity for 12-hour days of shooting film and TV. No more. The new protocol (changing daily) is much more rigid and cautious, with infection prevention the top priority.
Desiree’s normal crew of 60 has shrunk down to 10 people, and they film in phases. It’s a big learning curve that’s hard to implement, but they’ve developed new practices that have come from CDC and military recommendations and seem best-suited to film and TV production. Mandated daily health testing and monitoring is done by people dedicated to the task, with masks and gloves and maintaining distance required for everyone. All paper work has gone digital to avoid the risk of contaminated paper, along with many specialized shields, wraps, and other protective coverings.


• The entertainment production industry—already highly unusual and uniquely specialized—has been upended by COVID-19.
• Entertainment professionals worldwide are challenged and struggling to strategize and implement a new normal.
• Infection prevention is the top priority.


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