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PMI Atlanta Chapter - "COVID-19 impact on the Entertainment Industry Panel Discussion": September Entertainment Forum Summary

Written By Mike Ososki, PMP


Andrew Greenberg, Executive Director, Georgia Game Developers Association 

Llew Haden, Wales Business Management

Theresa Gilmore, PMP, CSM, SFC, Entertainment Casino Company


The conversation continues about COVID’s impact on the entertainment industry. Between computer gaming, managing the business of live music entertainers, and providing casino gaming at live events, the contrast was sharp.

Andrew says that the computer gaming business is up—both game sales and virtual live stream event attendance have increased. Game developers agree that their time is more productive now vs. pre-COVID-19. However, much of the real creative magic happens between game developers spontaneously, in-person, and most of this has not been possible.

Nearly all of Llew’s music business clients now offer only virtual performances, if at all. Due to severely reduced cash flow, he’s having to manage them back from prior, higher end lifestyle habits. Llew says he talks clients off cliffs about once a week. He is restructuring some of his agreements with clients, to separate the business from personal expenditures.

Theresa states that live gaming casino events have completely shut down, with companies in bankruptcy. Ancillary services like catering, cleaners, and equipment, are also dealing with reduced business. Various modifications are being done, like less people seated at tables, and disposable tablecloths and chips, to reduce risk.


• Vs. in-person events, virtual-centric activities now have a much better chance to sustain success, even to thrive, in this age of coronavirus.
• Severe cash flow reduction is forcing many to rethink if and how to continue and/or reinvent their businesses.
• Everyone is in major adjustment mode to adapt.

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