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PMI Atlanta Chapter - “Technology & Risk Governance”: October Governance Forum Summary

Written by: Cesar Montoya


On October 28, 2020, the PMI Atlanta Governance Forum hosted speaker Paulette Hamilton, Managing Partner at Freebird Technologies, LLC. Ms. Hamilton delivered a remarkably interesting presentation on risk governance and how software tools could be used to improve strategies and mechanisms to drive decisions about risks. She demonstrated examples on how the typical risk identification, analysis and communication could be improved by tech tools.Gov-Oct-Forum-pic-1

Ms. Hamilton began by helping define Risk Governance and how it is traditionally used, as well at various risk governance environments. She compared the traditional way of measuring risk that could impede a project’s quality, time, and cost versus the new project outlook of risks that impact customers, the brand and product.
The discussion then dove into different tool sets and the various purposes for which they could be used, whether to communicate, analyze or measure progress and decision making. Ms Hamilton closed with a few examples of how technology tools could be used for the different elements of a Risk Governance Framework of Risk Identification, Assessment, Monitoring, Controlling, Mitigation & Consistency and Communication. After a Q&A session she emphasized that project managers should be risk champions.


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