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PMI Atlanta Chapter - "Leading Agile Transformations by aligning everyone on a 3-step approach" March Agile Forum Summary

Written by: Lakisia Jones PMP, CSM

Presentation Overview Ekesi-Max

Wait....Did I hear that right? There is a 3-Step Agile Transformation approach? Tell me more!!

Max Ekesi, Enterprise Agile Coach at Whole Foods gave a high spirited and engaging presentation on a 3 step approach to an Agile transformation. In the last 20 years, the world has changed faster than ever before. In this fast changing environment, it’s not the company with the most money or most educated workforce that survives. It’s the company, organization or team that is most adaptable to change that survives. The 3 step Agile transformation approach is a method that can be deployed to adapt to changes in an organization.


  • The 3 step approach to Agile transformation include: Need -> Ways of Working -> Processes:
    • Determine what customer needs can be addressed with Agile values: Speed to Market, Iterative Product Delivery, Adapt to changing Roadmap.
    • Determine the team’s WOW (Ways of Working). Is the team distributed or colocated? What’s the team's communication pattern? Access the team’s maturity.
    • Determine which process framework to use: Scrum, XP, Safe, Waterfall, etc. OR dare to create something new
  • In the case study, too many meetings took time away from team productivity. By deploying the 3 step Agile Transformation approach, the teams were able to utilize WoW for effective communication to get creative with meetings. They created Pods on Demand for part of the team to go and do chunks of the work.
  • Utilizing Pods on Demand process, established expectations with backlog accessible to full team, same sprint cadence (2 week sprint), and return back to home team.

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