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PMI Atlanta Chapter - "Scrum Start to Finish" May Agile Forum Summary

"Written by Carol Howard"

Presentation Overview   May-Agile-pic-1

The PMI Atlanta Agile Forum was pleased to host the USIS Technology Planning & Execution Group from, Equifax. Presenting a panel discussion of scrum start to finish. Panel members included Cassandra Bride-Senior Director Role, Nicole Jones – Director, Krista Marlatt – Vice President, Kara Draper – Senior Director, Joy Menefee – Senior Director and Joe’ Dickson – Senior Director.

Each member of the panel took on a Scrum persona Product Owner ; Technical Architect; Quality Engineer; Scrum Master; Application Engineer ; Narrator and took us on a tour of the daily activities of a Scrum Team to design and deliver in a two week sprint. The product the team was requested to build in this demonstration was  a coffee pot.  

Walking us through each of the Agile Ceremonies beginning with Backlog Refinement, continuing through Sprint Planning, Daily Standup and ending with Sprint Reviews and   Retrospective the personas relayed to us the purpose of the ceremony and what their roles and responsibilities were in each. Completing the production of our coffee maker.  

Takeaways May-Agile-pic-2

  • In Agile the business set the priorities
  • Effective User Stories use the INVEST criteria.
  • Each Scrum ceremony is important, and they build and build on each other.

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