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PMI Atlanta Chapter - "Moving on to Plan C and Other Contingencies": August Architecture Engineering & Construction Forum Summary

Written by Deborah Dillard Johnson, MBA, MPH, PMP

Presentation OverviewPritchardCarl

Carl Pritchard, founder of Pritchard Management Associates, presented “Moving on to Plan C and other contingencies”. With many real-life examples and a pinch of humor, Carl outlined a strategy for risk response planning beyond Plan B.

While Plan A, is characterized by Prevention and Plan B, by Active Acceptance or Mitigation, Plans C and beyond are reactive. These are the incidents that result in a loss of human lives, public image or are outside of acceptable tolerances. Plans C and beyond are instances of extreme crisis, or when the planned primary risk response does not work and a work-around is necessary.

Recognizing that the problem cannot be fixed, workaround strategies ease the impact by altering the outcome, changing the perception to something more acceptable, divorcing the situation altogether, or salvaging what is left.


  • You’re not going to be judged by what caused the crisis but by how you respond.
  • To handle risk well requires complete transparency.
  • Address fears of internal stakeholders head-on. Be clear and honest re: what happened and the strategy of what will happen moving forward.

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