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PMI Atlanta Chapter - "AGILE & GOVERNANCE—It’s Not the Newest Installment in the Mortal Kombat Series!": August Governance Forum Summary

Written by Kay Abikoye, PMP

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On August 25, 2021, the PMI Atlanta Governance Forum hosted speaker MC Moore, Team Agile Coach at Agile Thought. Mr. Moore delivered a presentation centered around effective agile project management and agile governance while navigating ambiguous business landscapes in organizations.

Referencing his experience working with various global organizations such as IHG, SunTrust, and Home Depot, Mr. Moore conveyed the guiding principles for agile governance along with recommendations for adoption into existing organizational processes. The concept of “outcomes are better than deliverables” fit into the ideals of governance within an agile context and while managing agile transformations.

Another element of agile governance discussed within Mr. Moore’s presentation included understanding the strategic objectives of the organization and conveying them to subject matter experts on every project. Agile teams focus on delivering better business outcomes by undergoing a mindset shift from documents and work products to discussion. Mr. Moore emphasized that organizational leadership must focus on team’s practices and shared positive intent which will lead to successful project delivery. Input from subject matter experts during agile transformations provide an opportunity for metric development and a true understanding of agile principles.


  • Agile project management is a flexible and iterative approach
  • It’s not about the plan, but the outcome
  • Mindset shift from documents to discussion
  • Team input during agile transformations lead to successful project delivery and adoption of agile methodologies

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