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PMI Atlanta Chapter - "Followership: Follow well, Lead Well": October Governance Forum Summary

Written by Kay Abikoye

Presentation Overview IkonneEbebezer

On October 27, 2021, the PMI Atlanta Governance Forum hosted speaker Ebenezer Ikonne, self-proclaimed practitioner-academic (pracademic) who serves as a product and engineering leader at Cox Automotive. Mr. Ikonne delivered a presentation centered around effective followership within the presence of organizational change and fostering positive work outcomes.

Passionate about fostering positive work spaces, Mr. Ikonne discussed the importance of leaders providing healthy spaces that allow followers to thrive. During the presentation Mr. Ikonne highlighted the importance of executive leadership treasuring the ideas and input from their followers. Organizations should be responsible for training leaders and ensuring that leaders are well equipped for the task of taking care of their followers.

Another element of the presentation centered on how individuals can become better followers. Individuals can become better followers by embracing that fact that they are followers. Effective followers focus on creating value and adapting to their leaders. They constantly contribute value  to the goals set by leaders and offer mechanisms of support that lead to meeting and exceeding key objectives.


  • Authentic leadership is a leadership approach
  • Followers contribute to the goals of the organization and ensure the goals are aligned with integrity.

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