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PMI Atlanta Chapter - "Let's Start Learning from Lessons Learned": February Healthcare Summary

Written by Rishea Middlebrooks, CAPM, ACHE Student Associate

Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice: Take Lessons Learned into your next project!

Presentation Overview

Almost every methodology has a process that includes “capturing lessons learned” but do we really close the loop and actually “apply lessons learned?” This presentation took a serious look at the lessons learned process in all methodologies across the continuum and described how to apply the knowledge to better improve overall product delivery in the PMO.


  • Objective of lessons learned on a project
    • The goal is to avoid people making the same mistake twice
    • Lessons learned should be positively reinforced!
    • The purpose is to re-do good things and avoid bad things and to make the PMO better, ultimately making project managers better
  • Challenges to effective lessons learned
    • It’s often an afterthought – done at the end of a project
    • Not appealing – little attention from upper management
    • Seen as a project manager task instead of a team task
  • Guidelines for lessons learned
    • Recruit a ‘lessons learned facilitator’ to carry information to the next project – this person is not closely connected to the project
    • Prepare and hold a meeting to review lessons learned before the start of a new project
    • Concentrate on obtaining information in four general areas:
      • What went well?
      • What didn’t go well or had unintentional consequences?
      • If you had to do it again, would you do it differently?
      • What recommendations would you make to others doing similar projects?

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