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PMI Atlanta Chapter - "A Systematic Approach to Cultural Transformation for Development Teams": April Agile Forum Summary

Written by Lakisia Jones PMP, CSM

Presentation Overview

Larry Maccherone, founder of, presented a 5-step approach to change the culture of development teams. This 5-step approach can be launched and scaled across all development teams in the organization. Maccherone-Larry


  • Getting people to change their mindset is one of the biggest challenges to transforming culture
  • Target gradual improvements initially that will ultimately get to culture change
  • Words matter because words used carefully reveal how one thinks
  • Create a list of company practices and adopt them
  • Practice the adoption states: Thoughts->Words->Action->Culture
  • Coaching
    • Work with the development team to pick 3 practices to adopt
    • Sit with the team every 90 days and discuss the list of practices with them
    • At the end of the conversation the coach should have a good feel for how the team feels about the practices selected for adoption
    • Assess where the team is in adopting the practices
    • Go into coaching mode for the next 90 days, then reassess with the team after 90 days
    • Repeat the process with other development teams
    • At Comcast, it took 1 ½ years to go from low maturity to high maturity
  • Use metrics and visualization to build sponsorship
  • The defect/vulnerability/incident 3-step process:
    • Fix it
    • Find and fix others like it
    • Prevent future occurrence

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