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PMI Atlanta Chapter - "Work-From-Home Wellness: Eliminating Burnout": June 2022 Technology Forum Summary

Written by Rishea Middlebrooks, CAPM, ACHE Student Associate

From the wise words of Marissa Mayer “I have a theory that burnout is about resentment. And you beat it by knowing what it is you’re giving up that makes you resentful.” Today, take some time to self-assess your level of burnout and discover tools and techniques to identify and eliminate areas of burnout and resentment in your life!

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With the appropriate tools, we each have the power to minimize the negative effects of stress and increase personal well-being in the workplace. D’Yonna Riley, Associate Certified Coach at Nirvita Health, reviewed the impact of burnout in the workplace, as well as effective strategies to beat burnout and continue to be a high performer. She also covered how today’s leaders can create a team culture that promotes well-being and reduces burnout.


  • The Future of Burnout

    • Virtual fatigue is on the rise
    • More video calls
    • More hours spent working
    • No separation from work and home
  • The effects of burnout

    • Job dissatisfaction
    • Physiological issues
    • Withdrawal & isolation
    • Likelihood of substance abuse
  • Types of workplace burnout

    • Deadline burnout
    • Culture burnout
    • Personal burnout
    • Skill burnout
    • Alignment burnout
    • Passion burnout
  • Burnout Strategies

    • Mindset – recognize, feel, replace
    • Prioritization – implement laser-focused prioritization
    • Boundaries – give yourself space to reset daily
    • Movement – move your body in ways that nourish you
    • Nutrition – control the stress response through appropriate food
    • Connection – surround yourself with supportive people and nature

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