Written by: Rishea Middlebrooks MHI, CAPM

The COVID-19 global pandemic has shown up in every area of our lives, forcing employees to work virtually to support their organizations. Delve into the world of motivational competence in E-Leadership with Abegail Banzon as she presents her qualitative study on building leadership motivational skills that will transcend spaces, virtually and physically!

Presentation Overview AbegailBanzon

The presentation illuminated perceived motivational competencies of Information Communication Technology (ICT) for communication amongst project managers in different industries. During this presentation, Abegail discussed five major motivational competencies that prepare project managers to build high-performing virtual teams.


Motivational Competency for Leaders: 

  • What is motivational competency?
    • It is the level of commitment, drive and energy a company’s workers bring to the role daily
  • Why is motivational competency important for leaders?
    • Employee motivation is key to an organization’s success
  • Motivational competencies
    • I – Ability to influence
      • Leading effectively
      • Having forming relationships
    • C – Developing effective communication
      • Cultural awareness
      • Direct/empathetic language
      • Using ICT effectively
    • A – Fostering autonomy and accountability
      • Using task management systems
      • Supporting/encouraging
    • R – Building interpersonal relationships
      • Positive environments
      • Team building
      • Trustworthiness
    • E – Showing empathy
      • Listening
      • Encouraging
      • Service orientation
  • E-leadership conceptual framework
    • E-leadership
    • Motivational language theory
    • Media synchronicity
    • High-performing virtual team

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