Written by: LeDerrick Bouknight

In this discussion, attendees heard the advantages metrics can provide to improve organizational flow of value. The present shared real-world examples exploring the benefits and potential pitfalls organizations experience as they introduce performance metrics.

Presentation Overview PrestenDanny

After a brief opening and introduction, Danny Presten, began the discussion with his Pyramid of Value model. This model contains metrics important to the organization. (These metrics are listed below.) He further discussed that efficient flow of value is organizational collaboration. As such, the metrics quantify organizational performance even in software development. Hence, Danny linked the organizational metrics to a Value Stream Map (VSM) of the Agile stories processes listed in sequential order. In this example, the group discussed how a lengthy cycle time produced a process bottleneck. To increase value, this constraint should be addressed to unlock value in the organization to increase process flow. Therefore, traditional process improvement methodologies were linked to the Agile approach. Overall, this was an informative meeting providing tools for process efficiencies in software development.


Predictable Outcome Model discussion:

  • Pyramid of Value metrics (from top to bottom)
    • Profits
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Innovation
    • Speed to Market
    • Prioritization
    • Predictability
    • Transparency
  • Additional metrics
    • Flow velocity
    • Flow distribution
    • Flow load
    • Flow time
    • Flow efficiency

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