Presentation Overview: 

Written by Rishea Johnson, MHI, CAPM


Though Project Management and Product Management are two different disciplines, their processes have many similarities. Expand your skillset by reading and understanding how to develop a product from idea to launch through the perspective of a project manager!

Neil Rivenburgh's, Director of Product Management and Operations at Honeywell, presentation focused on the concepts and skills required to lead product teams and own a product throughout the lifecycle. These are ideas and ways of looking at the work that you are be able to apply, in many instances of your own work, and broaden horizons to cover new aspects.

Neil also examined how to align strategically to the business goals, set accurate pricing, and understand your customer mark.


• Products are continuous: ever-evolving cycles that don’t have a defined end.
• Products are circular: continuously learning and adapting to the environment.
• Products are systems: Product thinking allows teams the ability to adjust to unpredictable consumer needs and market demands as each variable occurs.
• Effective product strategy flows from and aligns to the company strategy
• Setting the right price is the difference between having a hit product and a bomb.
• Marketing is about helping people make decisions they already want to make.

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