Written by: Rishea Johnson, MHI, CAPM

Healthcare is undergoing a major transformation, and, in tandem, is at its most vulnerable. Effective project management is the pillar for cybersecurity. Continue reading to discover how you can effectively lead a project and safeguard your company from cyber-attacks!

Presentation Overview Chaganti-Phanishankar

In this conversational session, Phanishankar Chaganti (Phani) discusses why project management is essential in Cybersecurity and Information Security with a specific focus on the healthcare industry.


  • Cyber situation: Healthcare industry by the numbers
    • 47 million people have been impacted by data breaches in the first half of 2023 alone
    • It’s not only the numbers, but the impact of data breaches on healthcare
      • A data breach can shut down an entire hospital, restricting care to patients in need
  • Anatomy of a cyber breach
    • Breachers only need to be right one time to access an entire network
    • Breachers look for weaknesses that can be exploited
    • It is the job of the employee to be the gatekeeper of their organization’s data
  • Fundamental steps to cyber security in healthcare
    • Get the baseline security posture of your healthcare organization
    • Be an advocate and quickly point out red flags
    • Consider both in scope and out of scope requirements when assessing security risks
    • Develop a detailed risk register and leave no room for ambiguity
    • Frequently assess requirements for risk and impact
  • Identifying who is responsible for security and the role of the Project Manager
    • It is everyone’s responsibility to secure ill-intentioned access to data
    • The Program/Project Manager should understand their organization’s security plan as cybersecurity is a critical aspect of PM
    • The PM should not only understand the principles of cybersecurity but also integrate them into the project management process
  • Security First Philosophy
    • Security is everyone’s responsibility

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