Written by: Alex Leonard, PMP

Presentation Overview K-Raju

On February 20th, the PMI Atlanta Chapter reconvened for the first time in 2024 at Motion Recruitment (formerly Matrix Resources) for the Agile Forum titled “Cultivating Product Mindset”, which was presented by Mr. Raju K. During the forum, Mr. Raju K. discussed those key areas of focus that should be top of mind for Project Managers and Product Owners alike to have “successful” projects and products.

Mr. Raju K gave an incredibly interactive presentation with multiple “Break-Out” points in the session. These “Break-Out” points gave the audience a chance to get comfortable and think with a product mindset. Raju asked ice-breaker questions such as “What is a successful product according to you?

Raju provided insights into what makes a product successful, and what makes one unsuccessful, using the launch of the Ford Edsel Project as an example. The Ford Edsel Project was unsuccessful because it was not received well by the public. However, Mr. Raju K noted that the project did introduce new and innovative technologies that would be utilized by Ford and others to revolutionize the car experience. He argued that because of the advances in technology and the residuals that came from this product, there were successes seen in this project as well.

Near the end, Mr. Raju K discussed the relationship between a project and a product, and which team role should take ownership of specific responsibilities. Lastly, Mr. Raju K emphasized that although Project Managers and Product Owners may sometimes have overlapping responsibilities, it is up to the individuals to ensure they are fulfilling their respective roles. Most importantly, Product Owners own the product, and therefore they need to maintain a product mindset.


  • Product Owners and Project Managers are often unclear about each other’s respective responsibilities. Ensuring both sides are aligned on who is supposed to take ownership and make key decisions is important for the success of any project or product.
  • A successful product can come in many forms, even amidst a failed project.
  • Product Owners own the product and require a “product mindset” to succeed in their role.

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