Written by: Rishea Johnson, MHI, CAPM

Amidst record-low unemployment and waves of layoffs in big tech, the job market stands at a crossroads. What's truly shaping today's employment landscape? A panel of industry experts were on hand to unravel the mysteries behind this paradoxical trend.

Presentation Overview Healthcare-and-Technology-Joint-Event-4

This month’s Joint Healthcare and Technology forum event provided valuable insights into navigating today's dynamic job market. The extended engagement with panelists and recruiters indicated the attendees found the discussions worthwhile. Overall, the event provided attendees with actionable advice to traverse the evolving job market and stand out amidst competition.  


  • Employment Landscape: The panelists covered the current employment landscape, highlighting the impact of technology on professionals and the lower unemployment rate compared to pre-COVID times.
  • Lengthy Interview Processes: The panelists addressed the trend of longer interview processes, lasting 6-9 months due to multiple layers of interviews. Job seekers and applicants are encouraged to evaluate if positions align with their purpose, even if it means enduring a lengthy process or potentially taking a pay cut.
  • Setting Yourself Apart: Strategies discussed include optimizing LinkedIn profiles by showcasing problem-solving skills, leveraging artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT for resume development, networking, volunteering, and targeted research on desired employers and job openings.
  • LinkedIn Services: Holly Bail offered services in coaching, resume building, job searching, and interviewing, while Jackie Flake specialized in reevaluating life purpose, drawing from her experience as an entrepreneur.

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