Written by: Rishea Johnson, MHI, CAPM

In the dynamic realm of project management, the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) presents both challenge and opportunity. Project managers and organizations are recognizing the transformative potential of AI integration, strategically leveraging it to streamline operations and elevate focus towards critical thinking and relationship building.

Presentation Overview Choudry-Kashif

As AI becomes increasingly relevant to project management, both project managers and organizations are seizing the opportunity to adapt and remain pertinent in the evolving landscape. They recognize the need to strategically plan for the integration of AI by considering several key factors. Firstly, AI offers a valuable tool to enhance effectiveness by accelerating mundane tasks such as reporting, data analysis, and research, allowing project managers to focus more on critical thinking, communication, and relationship building. Moreover, by harnessing AI appropriately, organizations can align their efforts more effectively with overarching goals, thereby maximizing the potential for success. However, it's crucial to acknowledge not only the opportunities but also the limitations, as well as ethical and regulatory considerations surrounding AI implementation. Leveraging their unique position of end-to-end visibility, project managers can play a pivotal role in orchestrating how AI is leveraged to fulfill organizational objectives responsibly and effectively.


  • Servant Leadership and Embracing Change:
    • Core Principles of Servant Leadership:
      • Includes centered behaviors and practices that prioritize the growth and well-being of those being served
    • Approaching Change:
      • Embrace change as an opportunity for growth
      • Find avenues for the community's advancement amidst change
    • Run Towards Change Exercise:
      • Activity: Reflect on the opportunities presented by AI in project management
      • Discussion: How servant leaders within PMI Atlanta could identify and leverage such opportunities for the community's benefit
      • Results: The exercise encouraged participants to embody servant leadership principles by proactively seeking opportunities within change, particularly in the context of AI's impact on project management. Through collaborative discussion and reflection, PMI Atlanta's servant leaders identified actionable strategies to harness AI for the community's growth and advancement

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