The PMI Atlanta Transportation Forum is a product of the growing significance of the transportation and automotive industry to the Atlanta’s development. In recent years, Atlanta has welcomed number of auto manufacturers, their ancillaries, and transportation 2.0 startups to the region. At the same time, Atlanta is experiencing an unprecedented increase in public transportation and highway expansion projects. These relatively recent changes only stand to compound Atlanta’s existing functions as home to the nation’s busiest airport and the nation’s primary South East logistical hub. This forum provides the project management professionals working in automotive, transportation and ancillaries to share knowledge of how they employ the principles of project management.

Additionally, this forum seeks to optimize the automotive and transportation sector’s contribution to the Atlanta community and economy by;

  • Increasing awareness and communication among key influencers, the workforce and the public
  • Foster support for the companies, agencies and professionals
  • Drive growth for local existing automotive and transportation operations in a way that distinguishes Atlanta as an attractive competitive advantage for relocation and startups
  • Promote development of the regional transportation sector through collaboration with local auto industry

For more information or to volunteer, please email us.