Written by: Horatio Morgan

Medium to heavy duty vehicles transition to zero-emission is the way to the future of transportation. This is essential to solving our current energy crisis. It is a more efficient, less costly, and an affordable alternative to more expensive carbon-based energy options.

Presentation Overview CteDan

The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) is a national leading non-profit organization in the development and deployment of battery-electric and hydrogen vehicles in the medium and heavy-duty transportation markets. The speaker was not only passionate and charismatic, but most notably, Dan Raudebaugh is a founding researcher in the application of renewable transportation.

There was a high-level of engagement with attendees throughout the event. Dan shared his industry expertise and spoke on the future state of technology within the sector. He also gave an overview on some of the 100 plus projects CTE managers are completing across the country in this critical space with special emphasis on progress-to-date of Georgia projects. Attendees learned about the deployment of battery-electric transit buses at MARTA and at the University of Georgia, as well as the CNG (compressed natural gas) stations and refuge trucks deployed with Waste Management in Savannah and other parts of the southeast.


  • CTE has more request for projects than can currently be handled as request for assistance has multiplied over-time
  • CTE is the home and world leader for research, development, and innovation in the battery-electric and hydrogen vehicles sector
  • CTE aims to create a vehicle that is zero-emission free by 2050-2060

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